Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PVC Camera Shoulder Rig for $15

Knoptop is back with Quick FX, this time showing how to make a shoulder rig for your camera. To be totally honest, I'm not a big fan of the shoulder rig. I'm pretty tall (6'7") and if I were to use one of these contraptions, everything and everyone would be shot from a high angle and look puny. I prefer more of a free-floating rig, which gives me more adjustment on the Y-axis, rather than just pivoting on my shoulder. Lots of people like to use their cameras this way however, so if you are one of them, here is Knoptop's (highly entertaining) version.


Anonymous said...

Pretty shaky footage, man. All that light weight material is making that rig bounce like a superball in an earthquake. Neat idea but you need weight within those parts to steady it down. Not to mention, the lack of bracing it (with desperately needed positive pressure) against your body = zero stability. At that tiny weight class, even your heartbeat and the blood pulsing through your neck and shoulders would destabilize that rig. Weight it down somehow and brace it firmly into your shoulder blade. Otherwise, you've got a sexy-looking shaky cam rig.

msspurlock said...

For weight, fill it with plaster, leaving one end open for expansion and heat dissipation, then cap it. That's what I usually do, and it's simple and cheap.

Bill said...

6'7" yikes!

the problem with most shoulder mounts, DIY and commercial is the lack of counterweight, all the gear is resting on your hands, wrists and forearms and really does NOTHING for stabilization or to combat fatigue