Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekly Recap Link List 11-1-10

Internet TV and the death of cable, really

Steve Albini on being an artist (think DIY distribution)

Use of sound effects in current films

Recording of the week: yo-yo

Reverse engineer this lighting setup

Breakthrough designs for ultra low-cost products (movies?)

A practical guide to field recording (part 2)

What not to say to an actress

Frugal Film ($1500): "Simple Inquisition"

Old portable movie screen as reflector

The guy who embraced the 'pirates' of 4chan (web distribution)

Newbies guide to publishing: It's your universe

Halloween fire house display (lo-tech practical effect)

3-4 things that help films "break out"

Eddie Burns learns to love doing it DIY

Cheap $20 HDSLR shoulder rig

DIY film school grip truck

The fun stuff: art direction and practical efx

The Frugal Filmmaker: Dry erase clapper slate for $8

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