Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dry Erase Clapper Slate for $8

Here's a very useful tool that I was forced to rebuild when my last one was damaged in a production. Essentially a laminated card slapped onto a clapper slate, this can come in very handy when identifying your footage in post. I blogged about this in the past, but when those old links died, I decided to take matters into my own hands--literally!

If you would like to make your own clapper board based on the graphics shown in the above video, I've made them available for download.

Slate it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Again... What size clapper are you using? I downloaded yr pdf's, but I do not see where a size is indicated. I can build my own clappers from wood scraps, making them almost free. I have my own laminater, but what size are the frugal slate sheets? Thanks! From an FFA member(Famous Frugal Artist)

Scott Eggleston said...

Search eBay for "clapper slate" and you'll find a wood model that measures 7"x8" for around $5. That's the one I used.

MSPhotography said...

I just found the size slate on ebay listed as a Movie clapper wood toy - party favor at 1.99 each. Costs more to ship it than the price of the product.. I dont think you can get much cheaper :)

Luke Reeves said...

You can get these at any party+card outlet store. they are about 1.99 each. They also have a lot of cheep toys that can be used for props.