Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bob's FF Camera Stabilizer Rig

Hi, attached are two pix of my (almost) finished rig, one unladen, one with all the kit on board. Canon HV30, two Rode mics, one mono and one stereo, PAG light C6 as well as a Canon light in reserve,. Boss 4 channel stereo mixer, radio mic receiver for lavalier or ambience mic. I must admit I haven't checked the weight but it's not excessive. This is my first PVC project but I used a hacksaw not one of those cutters used in the vids - one of those is top of my shopping list before I start the second project which will be the light stands.

Incidentally, I have Optex and Velbon tripods and a Manfrotto monopod which I also use as a stablizer so the rig will be used sparingly. My main interest for filming are sporting events and it will be useful for low-level shots as well. I am filming a band at a funday in a nearby town on Saturday and I hope the rig will be used at some time then.

Finally, I want to thank you for the inspiring videos and tips on the FFM site and wish you further success.

Wales, UK

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