Friday, April 2, 2010

A Visit to River Road Creative

When I was in Louisiana last week, the friend we were staying with suggested I tour a small production company that he had done some construction work on. The company was River Road Creative, owned by Richie Adams. Richie earns his bread and butter creating movie titles and was also involved in the promotion of his own indie film, Inventing Adam.

I was impressed by Richie's setup of modern technology (lots of Macs running Final Cut Pro) contrasted by the rustic design of his office. It was a nice change from the contemporary art-deco look that you would expect. I loved the placing of media antiques (typewriter, printer's type, life magazine covers) all over the office and the retro mood it created. Plus, Richie was
a cool guy and it was great meeting him.

He told us about his feature which was shot on HD for a low budget of $200,000. It has taken him six years to finish and while I admire him for doing it, I have to say that six years would be too long for me to languish on anything I wrote and directed. More power to him, though. That's a lot of work.

Here's sending good karma out to River Road Creative. Richie's living proof that you can live the dream and get paid for it. And have a cool office to do it all in!


Unknown said...

Nice looking office. Id always pictured what I would do with my office if I ever made enough money to have the space setup. Nice to see what others are doing.....

6 years?!? I spent 2 years on a currently unfinished documentary and I thought I was laboring for too long.

Scott Eggleston said...

I think the gun would've been in my mouth long before 6 years. Richie must have the patience of Job.


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