Friday, February 19, 2010

'The Hush': A Camcorder Feature

[via PrepShootPost] Vincent Cortez is a Frugal Filmmaker. He has taken what he has, snazzed it up with some inexpensive technology and made a feature. The Hush looks like a hybrid thriller than incorporates multiple genres and a classic look. What caught my eye, however, was how his film was made "all within a budget that wouldn’t even cover the catering charges for a mid-sized film." Right on.

If you examine Vincent's picture, you'll notice that he's using a camcorder to shoot his movie. The hook here is that he capturing directly into his computer through the HDMI port of a Blackmagic card (which is why he's featured on their site). This allows uncompressed video acquisition for an affordable price ($199). If you don't mind lugging around a desktop computer, it's a very cool idea.

If you are going for a web release, I think the Blackmagic card is overkill. If you are going to project onto a big screen, it's an interesting way to do boost resolution with affordable HD cameras. I applaud Vincent for his ingenuity and determination to be creative without breaking the bank. I just wish The Hush was available online. Right now we just have to be satisfied with the trailer.

You can read more from Vincent on his blog, Filmmaker Cortez, or check out more material on The Hush through the Mitchell Street Pictures Vimeo channel and their official site.


Vincent_C said...

Hey Scott,
Thanks for posting this. I appreciate the kudos. Nice blog as well, with some serious info.

I'm hoping that The Hush can be available, in some format, for fellow filmmakers and audiences towards the end of the year.

Vincent Cortez

Scott Eggleston said...

That's great, Vincent! I look forward to seeing it. Keep up the good work.


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