'Midnyte' Auditions Now Official

Another exciting step in the production of 'Midnyte' is the casting notice. This is pretty serious because now I'm spreading the word all over the place that I'm working on a show, it's real and it comes out in a time frame that no one with all their marbles would attempt. Hey, all the best directors are crazy anyway, right?

Anyhoo, I'm always psyched about holding auditions. I love actors, and am always thrilled to see what they can bring to the table. The fact is, they have to do a good job or your sunk. It's hard to mess up a good script (in theory), but poor acting can do major damage to your credibility as a storyteller. Your audience needs to relate to your characters and feel something for them (love, hate, pity, whatever) even in a genre piece.

I want to see as many people as possible show up for the audition. It's always better to have too many choices rather than too few. I know there is no pay here, but I'm hoping the uniqueness of the story and the exposure possibilities (local Comcast On Demand airing) will draw plenty of interest.

If you live near Salt Lake City, click on the link at the top of the article for details. I'd love to see what you have to offer.