'Middle of Nowhere' Up for Four Awards at Indy Mogul's '5 Minute Movie House'

Back in February, I posted about how my short Middle of Nowhere received a little attention by getting on Indy Mogul's blog page via their 5 Minute Movie House weekly film contest. That was cool, but even cooler is what they're now doing after posting 30 short films: an awards contest!

Registered Mogulers vote on various categories for the nominated films. Middle of Nowhere is up for four awards which include Best Picture, Best Horror/Thriller, Best Special Effects, and Best Technical Achievement. The special effects nom is the most curious as my only effects were muzzle flashes added in post. So far no one who has seen the short has spotted this, so anyone voting would probably wonder why I was nominated in the first place. A true compliment.

I'm not a big fan of open voting in film competitions (they're just tests of who has the largest pool of family and friends), but it's fun anyway. We all make movies because we want people to see them, and the 5 Minute Movie House is a neat (and not to difficult) way to help this happen.

Voting ends on Sunday. No prizes have been listed, but a trip to New York to meet the Mogul Staff and appear in a podcast would sure be cool. Wes? Erik? Steve? Thoughts?

UPDATE: We won! Middle of Nowhere took three of the four awards including Best Picture! It's always nice to add 'award winning filmmaker' to your resume, even if the award is a T-shirt!