Reliable Always Trumps Flashy

Ugh. I tried to get a post out this morning, but I was spending all my time trying to change my little video player into something more versatile. While I like Veeker, there are several things that it does not do, that I need to really make this experiment work. They are:

- allow others to upload cell phone videos
- allow others to upload video files
- display the most recent video full screen

Today I found Cellblock, another service that I thought would do all those things and more. Actually, it did all those things, but dropped the ball miserably in other areas. Get this:

- auto plays the most recent video, and plays all entries
- defaults to mute, which can be changed, but due to the above--annoying!
- lip sync on video is off

Yep, that last one was the clincher. How can I possibly run a blog about any level of filmmaking, and have lip flap? Even if my source is the crudest form of video, if the sound ain't right, I deserve ridicule. So out went Cellblock, even if I spent all morning getting it to work. It just wasn't worth it.

Veeker may be simple, but it works. I still want to find a player that will allow others to contribute, fits in the sidebar, and is reliable. Veeker is solid, but feature deprived. Suggestions to the company have gone unanswered, and considering it's still in the beta stage after a year, I wonder if it will be supported much.

If any of you out there know of a video player that suits my needs, please tell me! I'm trying to make this blog better, and would greatly appreciate your help. Besides, where else can you rant about movies with a slew of others, and have it all in one place? Let's make it here, folks!