More Serialized Sci-Fi in the 'Trenches'

As I try to just craft a script for my serial/movie that I want to produce, I'm finding more and more filmmakers using the same model. So far on Film Flap I've mentioned The West Side, Venus Rises, Prom Queen, and Sanctuary. Now comes Trenches, a sci-fi action movie that is to be released in 15 episodes coming this fall.

The producer/director of the project is Shane Felux, the guy who gained some fame for his Star Wars fan film, Revelations. On that movie he farmed out all his effects work to artists and fans all over the world, who would create a sequence (or parts of one) then send it to him over the net. This is a great idea, as you could have lots of people interested in your movie become a part of it without ever leaving their home. Felux would go on to tribute George Lucas directly with his effects comedy, Pitching Lucas (which featured an actor from one of my shorts, Tye Nelson).

Trenches has an impressive looking trailer, but the story looks terribly derivative. It appears to concern fighting soldiers on another planet who must band together to defeat an unknown menace! Yep, it's yet another Aliens/Starship Troopers clone. I have no problem with movies inspired by other movies, but this looks like a duplicate of James Cameron's classic, right down to the costume design and ship modeling. Aren't there any original ideas out there? Venus Rises obviously has a much lower budget, but that sci-fi series looks vastly more compelling on the story level.

I'm sure I'll watch Trenches anyway (I have been proven wrong many times). The serial model is of such interest to me, that I have to follow anyone who tries it. Trenches doesn't seem to have a financial plan yet, as the website just mentions being "picked up" as a series or feature as their goal, with no way to buy anything associated with the film--yet.

For more information on this flick, check out the detailed website and the director's blog. More information is forthcoming and a video blog is promised as well. Let's Rock!