Blog Salad: Mass Uploading, Subterannea, Externals and Bikinis

It's Tuesday again, and for some reason this seems to be the day of the week for another episode of Blog Salad. Time to mix, mash and combine, all for your consuming pleasure. Always remember to use the outermost fork when eating the Blog Salad.

Upload Your Stuff across the Web Instantly
Mashable recently detailed a service called Hey!Spread which provides a very convenient solution for content creators and multiple video sharing sites. Instead of having to go to multiple sites to upload your work, Hey!Spread will take your one upload and "spread" it out for you! Even if you've previously uploaded clips, they will share them with the other sites in their network. Very efficient for getting maximum exposure in the least amount of time. Other sites that perform a similar service are also mentioned (VidMetrix, TubeMogul).

Harlacher's Urchin Shot for $12,000
Blogzarro has an interesting interview with filmmaker John Harlacher concerning his fantasy feature about a small boy living in underground New York. Made on the above meager budget, Harlacher shot in New York City with no permits whatsoever. He did the ol' run-and-gun, shooting where he could and running when the cops showed up. Just another example of what can be done when determination is used in place of money. Check out the official movie website for more information.

My Big, Cheap, External Drive Case
The folks over at Street Tech are putting the word out about something every filmmaker needs: somewhere to put your video. They have a nice writeup about an Ultra external drive case from Tiger Direct that will enclose a standard size 3.5" hard drive for $20. This may not seem so fantastic until you notice that it not only has a fan, but firewire ports along with the standard USB ports. This means anyone can use it, and for the price is a pretty good bargain. Tiger Direct even sports a nice little installation video.

Distribution and the Bikini Concept
Got your attention yet? Thought so! This wonderful little tidbit comes to us from Attversumption in reference to another product, but easily applies to distributing your movie for free (which I've talked about before):

I found out the age-old concept of the bikini to apply. That by giving away 90% of the concept, and keeping 10%, the attraction factor was just as strong, if not twice as strong (there are reasons for me saying ‘twice as strong). And yes, what the bikini didn’t reveal, was the part the audience most wanted (naturally), and was the part they were willing to pay for.