May Day: Online Video Contests Update!

Happy May, everyone! Here is an updated list for everyone looking for a good contest to hone their movie making skills on. As usual, these and other competitions can be found in the sidebar, complete with links and deadlines. Good luck!

What's Up, Doc?
The documentary channel and Vmix are teaming up to challenge, you guessed it, documentary filmmakers. Submit a 1-10 minute doc about something you are passionate about for the chance to be aired on national TV! The first place winner also gets an 80 gig iPod with lots of pre-loaded content. The winner appears to be based on votes from the viewing public, so make it interesting, and enjoy your 1-10 minutes of fame. Submissions due May 15.

Video Battle Royale
Here's a quickie lip-sync video contest that happens monthly. At My Video Battle, all you do is make a music video for the featured song that features someone lipping to the music. Even easier, the video cannot be over sixty seconds. This time around the featured song is Chris Daughtry's "Home", which is the same song they play on American Idol every time someone gets booted. The prize is $5,000--a very nice prize. Warm up your lips and finish by May 16.

Grab 'Em by the Sack
Hey, I don't make up these contest names! The National Sunflower Association is looking for promotional videos created by you for the chance at snagging $10,000 across a twelve week contest. The videos have a two minute limit, and are selected by public voting. The winner of each week is eligible for the finals, which determines the grand prize winner. Week eight concludes this friday, so get busy!

Top This for $57k
Heinz wants a ketchup commercial, and they're gonna pay big. For your 30 second spot, you could take home a fat 57,000 bucks, which has to be the largest payout I've seen since tracking this stuff. If you don't pull that off there are four $5,700 prizes! This contest runs a long time (until August 8), so take your time and make something great. The contest site offers content help with logos, pre-made clips, and the like. Anticipation!

Briobox Dangles $50,000 for Whatever You Got
This is the most intriguing contest this month. The website Briobox is allowing you to submit whatever you want (within good taste limits, of course) with this perplexing carrot: it's not just about the video you've submitted, but how you promote and convince the most people to become your fans during the competition phase. So this is another voter-based thing (which I tend to hate), but since you can submit anything, I'm much more interested. The thing runs forever (December 1) followed by a finals round and more voting. There is only one prize, but what a prize it is...