First Impressions That Kill

While looking for something to write about today, I happened on the above video podcast about digital filmmaking. Entitled Lights, Camera, Action it appears to be an attempt an a regularly scheduled show covering items of interest for the low budget movie making set. It is slickly produced, stars two hot babes, and really has items of worth.

What strikes me the most about this clip is that it illustrates a classic point about what NOT to do when creating any kind of video. Upon first viewing you will immediately notice that as soon as the talent speaks, they suffer from a major case of lip flap--the audio sync is way off. This is a serious oversight on the part of the filmmakers (or video encoders), which cheapens the entire production.

I don't care how good everything else is in your video, if you drop the ball with the basics, you look like an amateur. What really surprises me is that the creators of this show didn't just replace the bad version with a good one. It's been up for four months now, which is plenty of time to perform this fix. How can you build an audience for a show about filmmaking when you can't seem to filmmake properly?

I don't mean to pick on these guys. Their second episode doesn't have this problem, the girls are likable (if a bit cheeky) and they have good content. Unfortunately, there are only two episodes, and the last one is three months old. Kinda hard to attract a crowd with this kind of sporadic release schedule. Right, bloggers?