Director Sharpe Knows What He's Doing

After spewing some venom yesterday, it's nice to come across someone and their movie that appear to have a real grasp on doing a lot with a little. Christopher Sharpe has made a movie that embodies a lot of things I respect in low-budget movies (and that I've written about here) namely: high production values with no real budget, a catchy exploitation-esque title, an ambitious concept, and dolly use!

Since MicroCinema Scene doesn't have an RSS feed (why not?), I don't peruse it as much, but today they turned me onto Sex Machine, a neo noir about a guy who wakes up with amnesia, a warm gun, and body parts not his own (one of his "new" arms bears a tattoo with the film's title). His face covered in bandages, he is on the run from nefarious forces while he tries to piece together his life and memories. It's a great hook, and makes me excited about what enterprising filmmakers can do on passion alone. I can't wait to see it.

The above clip found on the director's website says a lot about the movie. It's shot well, cut well, is moody, and employs a creative credits sequence. Read the details about how and why this sequence was created, and learn, learn, learn!

The official movie site is equally well done, with tons of info on all phases of production. There are photos and video to peruse, and lots of stuff to read. I praise Mr. Sharpe for his thoroughness and look forward to viewing his film. There is no free version on the internet (he went with a traditional distributor), but we can't have everything...


Anonymous said…
Thanks for all the kind comments. The rest of your blog looks great, too. I have already added it to Google Reader.

Your FIVE THINGS article is great. We definitely tried to avoid all of these pitfalls, but you can judge for yourself when you see the movie.