Online Video Contests: April 2007 Update

It's the start of another month, so here are some more Internet video competitions to hone your skills on. The standard rules for listing here still apply: no entry fee, uploading must be an option, and some prize must be awarded. All current contest links and deadlines can be found in the sidebar.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Need You!
To direct their next music video, that is. Grab the song "Charlie" from the Stadium Arcadium CD, and make any kind of video you want. Upload it to a special YouTube area, and await maximum exposure! The winner gets $5,000 AND a trip to Paris to meet the band. Not bad, as these contests go. Just hurry, as the deadline is April 20.

DivX Film Festival Deadline Extended
This is some very good news from the DivX folks, especially if you missed this post last month. The rules say you can submit any film that is enhanced with DivX features such as menus, subtitles, multiple audio tracks, etc. The best part are the main prizes which are $5,000, $1000, and $500 (as well as two more sub-category cash prizes for $500 and $250), and a bunch of DivX-certified hardware they are giving away. This is by far the most generous offering from a contest I've seen in awhile, so be sure you enter. The old deadline of March 31 has been pushed back to April 30.

The People Speak (and Make Videos) Water Contest
If PSAs (Public Service Announcements) are more your thing, The People Speak is hosting a contest about water conservancy. Make a 5-minutes-or-less video about why everyone should do it (or how you do it), and upload away. The prize is only $250, but you'll get some pizza money and the satisfaction of informing the public about a worthwhile topic. Deadline is June 15.

The Battlestar Galactica Videomaker Tookit
This one just barely qualifies, but it may prove worthy, especially if you're a fan of the show. This contest involves you making a show-themed video using bonus material provided by Upload your entry, and the winner gets airtime! No "real" prizes are awarded, but bragging rights to all the geeks on your block may be prize enough. Contest ends June 1.