CinemATTIC and the Top Ten Cheesiest Movie Moments

As the title indicates, the movie blog CinemATTIC has posted another humorous top ten, this time chronicling film moments labeled "cheesy". Lists like these are always fun, and any movie buff can appreciate others who recognize the times they rolled their eyes in the theater, then over and over when watching cable.

I noticed that the earliest film listed here is 1982 (An Officer and a Gentleman), which had me wondering. Surely there were a ton of cheesy moments before that flick that have just gone unnoticed by this particular blogger. Our movie experiences seem most concentrated on those that were made after we first started attending the cineplex, which leaves much cheese unexplored. Shameful moments like these are not exclusive to the 80s and later.

Another commonality of this list is that these are all huge mainstream releases (with the exception of Four Weddings, an import), that did well at the box office. I suppose it would be silly to list films most of us hadn't heard of, and who would seek out an obscure film just to witness an embarrassing moment within it?

I guess my point of this diatribe is that I wonder how these would rank if you (I'll make this easy) had seen every popular film in the Hollywood catalog? Would Jimmy Cagney have an entry? How about Vivian Leigh? Charlie Chaplin? It does encourage me to watch older stuff which I definitely champion, but also admit that the bulk of the movies I've seen were made in my generation.


Unknown said…
Good point! Although I choose to believe that cheese was invented in the 80s.