Tool Time: More Stuff for a Low Budget

Your Biggest Fan
A few posts back I wrote about creating an inexpensive movie explosion. With all bombs come smoke and what better to move that smoke around than an industrial-strength fan? A reader of Toolmonger says the Vornado Heavy-Duty fan is such an animal. It (supposedly) can move air some 80 feet, can be rotated, and has a lifetime warranty. It not super-cheap, but with all those features the $95 price tag would be worth it. Also good for blowing your actress' hair around for those sensual slow-motion shampoo commercials.

I don't know about you, but I have a crate of film junk that is always crying out to be organized. Another Toolmonger post points out DeWalt's "Tough Case" could be great at sorting all kinds of drill bits. I agree, but think that it would better utilized to sort the myriad of audio connectors that are accumulating in several areas of my house. This box is sturdy, has adjustable dividers, and opens like as briefcase, opposed to a toolbox (which can be good if you need to store the case itself). I'm not sure until I see one, but it also looks like a good way to store DV tapes. All this can be yours for 9 bucks at Home Depot.

"Poor Man's Jib"
Michael Hileman of Closet Films wanted a tripod-mounted jib for his filmmaking, but didn't want to spend a lot. He also didn't want to buy a heavy duty tripod to support the commercial jibs that were available. Not being able to afford the solution he wanted, he created his own device. What followed has to be the most detailed instructions I've ever seen in creating one of these gizmos. His completed version only cost $60, and was constructed completely out of parts bought at Lowe's hardware store (a price list is included). He even has a video clip to show what his creation is capable of. I just wish he'd turned off auto-exposure! Still, an educational read.