Blah, Blah, Blogging

I guess it was inevitable. Making and reviewing movies only leads to endless prattle on the subject, so why not post it all? Others have done this, and I have learned quite a bit from them, so perhaps my ego is now big enough to think that someone out there in webland can benefit from my “knowledge”--and here we are.

Blogs seem to fall into two basic categories: (1) Drivel about the life of the writer that only a family member would care about, and (2) actual interesting stuff targeting a niche audience. The “interesting stuff” may be opinion or technical, but both are useful to the target crowd. This is what I’m shooting for.

I currently review about two to three movies for, a web-based magazine about running a web-based business. Only the current issue and two back issues are available at anytime on the site, leaving all my past reviews in limbo. That is one reason I started Film Flap (also the name of the review column), was to archive my old stuff. Since my other interest includes actually making movies, I thought I’d work that in as well.

The disadvantage of this setup is that reviews for The Nettle cannot appear here for three months, making them a little less than timely. This will change if my status with them changes, but I have a good relationship with editor David Congreave, and plan to keep it that way. What I can do is review other movies not scheduled for The Nettle, which can appear here when they open. Older reviews will appear after their three month run is over (which may seem odd, but think of it as timed for the DVD release!).

So there’s my niche. If you like movies, and perhaps want to make some, maybe this site will be useful to you. I don’t claim to be the next big thing, but I do love this stuff and have learned some valuable info that perhaps I can pass on. I will give credit where credit is due, and have included some great links in the sidebar (my favorite right now being The Workbook Project). I plan on posting quite frequently (five days a week), so check back often for updates.