And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to...Who Cares!

Ugh. The Academy Award nominations are out, and no Best Picture nod for Children of Men! What the--!? I felt 2006 wasn't that great a year for movies, but when I finally saw Children of Men (which went into wider release just recently), I was blown away. It's a great film, and has several moments of undeniable power, one of which had me crying like a baby.

It did get a total of three nominations--Best Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography, and Film Editing. Okay, I can see the cinematography award going to this movie, since they used long takes and invented technology to stage some amazingly complex and long sequences--but Film Editing!? The thing hardly has any edits in it!

One good thing that comes from this is that due to the lack of a Best Director nom for Alfonso Cuaron, Martin Scorsese is sure to finally win for The Departed. Even if that movie doesn't win Best Picture, Marty should finally get his statuette. At least there is some justice--I hope.