Film Flap Turns One

Okay, so I've been doing this for a year now, and instead of celebrating something really original, it's time for the one year rehash of old posts! I admit that my original purpose of this blog was to build an audience for a web movie/serial release, but have calmed down a bit. I'm no longer concerned with posting every day, and rabidly trying to increase traffic. Nope, I just want to maintain a good place for information that I'd like to read myself. With that said, here's some stuff you may or may not have read, that wasn't half bad...

Most Popular Posts:
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Stuff I Thought Was Worthwhile That No One Read:
Five Things I Love about Microbudget Movies
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The ARKOFF Formula (the full 6 part series)
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Getting your Hooks into the Viewer

Enjoy, and leave a comment about what you'd like to see more (or less) of on this blog. Thanks!


Happy First Birthday! The blog is great, keep it coming!