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Zoom H1 Accessories

Andrew Sellers' PVC Light Stand

Weekly Recap Link List 4-25-11

Cool Dry Erase Slate Mod for Eraser Storage

Coop Cooper's PVC Stabilizer Rig

Pump Up the Volume on your Passive XLR Box

Weekly Recap Link List 4-18-11

Using Ankle Weights as Sandbags

Zachary Olson's Stabilizer / Dolly / Shoulder Rig

Recorder Ruckus: Tascam DR-05 vs. Zoom H1

Weekly Recap Link List 4-11-11

Vince Ruffalo's Dry Erase Clapper Slate

The Rubber Lens Hood Arrives

Ryan Wickham's PVC Stabilizer Rig

Bluetooth Wireless Mic Setup - The Sequel

Weekly Recap Link List 4-4-11

C Clamp Mount for $10