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Deal: 7" HDMI Monitor for $39

 One of my videos that seems to get watched quite regularly is my $56 7" HDMI car monitor that I made work as a field monitor. It still works, and is one of my better finds. That same monitor (and this one ) is now $39, and would be the lowest I had ever seen it, had I not seen it yesterday for $29! Of course, I wasn't able to post about it in time, but I couldn't believe how low that price was. Still, $39 is pretty darn good for this type of screen. Sure, you have to use some cable adapters and battery add-ons (watch the video for more info), but it works really well and I put it into use shooting my short film Invader from a couple of years ago. If you need an almost-HD monitor and are strapped for cash, check these out. They're good deals and fit the frugal bill.

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