MAFSF, Part 3: Coming Up with a Story

Last month, we talked about checking out our resources to help set parameters about what kind of film we could possibly make. This month, we literally lay out all of those resources and have a look, which hopefully will inspire what kind of story we'd like to tell.

A good story is crucial to a good film (do you like movies with dumb stories?), but there is no magic bullet for coming up with one. It will largely rely upon your ability to absorb information and processes it into something not only shootable, but interesting. "Information before inspiration" is the old adage, and that's what this video is about.

Hopefully all this brain-rattling will lead to a simple story outline featuring the following:

I. Setup, "kick in the pants" (see video)
II. Conflict Event 1
III. Conflict Event 2
IV. Conflict Event 3
V. Resolution

Next month, we'll take our outline and turn it into a short screenplay.