Frugal Holiday Gift Guide 2014

The holidays are rapidly approaching, so I thought I'd do something kind of fun by sharing a top five list of frugal holiday gifts from things that I've had some experience with over this past year. These are all things that I find extremely valuable in getting your film shot.

If you don't want to watch the video for all gory details and witty banter (what?), here is the list complete with links on where to buy these items and accompanying videos that explain them better.

5) Sony NP-F970 Clone Battery (power your camera with this battery)
4) Leatherman Wingman (highly recommended sheath)
3) Sony a5000 mirrorless camera (great deal on this entry-level cam)
2) Chisso 7" External Monitor (in gray and silver)
1) Dual Angled Flash Brackets (use them to construct The Frugal Camera Cage)