New YouTube Playlists

Recently I was fortunate enough to be alerted to Christopher Sharpe's new e-book, YouTube Black Book: How to Create a Channel, Build an Audience and Make Money on YouTube, . It was free for one day and I snapped it up and gave it a read over the next couple of days (full review coming). Needless to say, I found it as a huge wake-up call for me and it sent me on some new roads to optimize my YouTube channel for maximum exposure.

Sharpe is a filmmaker turned YouTube producer with not one but two successful channels, Hilah Cooking and Yoga with Adriene. He's done well for himself and his book gives lots of good advice. Some of that advice involves playlists and I realized how poorly organized those lists were on my channel. I now have them organized by category (except for archive of some shows that aren't really searchable) which should make them more appealing to those browsing my content.

Some of these lists can be found below. Check out my Playlist page to see the rest.


Sean said…
Are you a YouTube Partner? I am and had a general understanding of setting up playlist but they will send out Youtube Academy invites to help partners grow their audience, monetize, etc.
Scott Eggleston said…
I am a partner, but I am unaware of YouTube Academy invites. I'll have to look into that...thanks!