"Collection Day" Tomorrow


Tomorrow is the day when I go public with my thesis film, Collection Day. I'm really glad to be taking this step, to allow everyone else in the world not connected to the film to finally get to see it. It will also (as mentioned before) allow me to make videos about this movie, without worrying about spoiling the story. I'm sure whenever I post a video about or related to Collection Day, I will always precede it with a disclaimer urging the viewer to "go watch the movie now!"

Movies don't get made in a vacuum. A lot of people really put their backs into this film and I am very grateful for all of their hard work. I also owe a great debt to all 300+ of my Kickstarter backers, who had enough faith in me to allow me to make this project. Sure, I could have made it on any budget, but it was really nice to be able to craft it the way I wanted, especially considering the tight deadlines I was on.

As with every project you work on, you learn a lot of things. I hope to share many of those things in the near future, so that maybe you can benefit from my successes and learn from my mistakes. While I am not planning on posting the film for the night and taking it down, I do hope that many of you will tune in some time tomorrow after 7:00pm CST. It would be cool to get a big surge in views on the night of its world premiere, much like a feature release.

See you tomorrow!