Recap Q&A: How Do You Archive Your Video?

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Anonymous said…
About archive.. hmm... I'm currently using a method I wouldn't recommend to anyone, but since it's only for personal projects right now, it doesn't bother me that much.
Which is, keeping all in one drive alone, at most backing it up in an external drive, and then archiving on Blu-ray.
Takes a while for me to do it because I only do it when it fills up one media (24Gb).
But you know... they're not exactly reliable. There are several things that comes into play when it comes to optical media, with scratches and all. Blank blu-ray media also isn't very cheap, nor is the drive to record them... and then recording speeds and how cumbersome it can be. But it kinda works for me right now.
I am planning to get a Synology NAS sometime in the future though. 2 or 3 drives in RAID to hold everything up. Cheaper and safer to a point (that is, 'till you fill up those drives).
For those willing to go reaaally in deph in the subject, I suggest watching a video hang-out done by Trey Ratcliff of Stuck in Customs:
It might fly over your head with so much info, but interesting nonetheless.