Review: $10 Mic Shockmount

I can tell I've been around for awhile when I start updating my original videos.  Last week I updated my two-handed camera stabilizer and this week I revisit the shotgun mic shockmount. When I created a DIY version, it was due to no retail version being cheap enough. Well, I found a cheap version, bought it, and compare it to my DIY creation.

$10 Microphone Shockmount on eBay

5/8" to 3/8" screw adapter on eBay

3/8" to 1/4" screw adapter on eBay

Cold foot to 1/4" screw adapter on eBay

Watch "Painter's Pole Mic Adapter"


dave said…
those mounts are great for the price! i use them in my home studio for a pair of behringer condensers when recording my acoustic guitar said…
For now, since you have both, you might as well use the $10 shockmount as your lightweight option and your DIY version for your heavier requirements. You a tampon ;)
Anonymous said…
Hey Scott,

your channel is great! it is just what I've been looking for--a cheap, DIY approach to film-making.

At dollar tree they have plastic bed covers that work great for diffusing light. I got a King size for a buck! They also have CFL bulbs for a buck.

Thnaks for the great cheap DIY tips!