Otter Box Defender Tripod Mount

After getting an iPhone 4s so I could have a good backup camera with me at all times, I wanted to make sure I didn't immediately break the thing. The Otter Box Defender case is about the best protection you can get against droppage, but it makes your phone much bigger. With most iPhone tripod mounts relying on your phone being naked (which is ridiculous), I looked for something that was affordable and could hold the girth of the iPhone+Defender goliath.  After a bout of despair, I noticed the Defender came with a plastic holster that could be re-purposed as a tripod mount.  Problem solved!

Otter Box holster (comes with Otter Box Defender)
1x 1/4" machine screw, 1 3/4" long
2x 1/4" washers
1x 1/4" coupling nut, 3/4" long

vise (optional)
various drill bits
7/16" wrench

For camera rigs that may work well with your smartphone, check out the Table Dolly Junior, Trolley Dolly and Mini Camera Stabilizer.


Unknown said…
you could just put the iphone in the other way round which the screen will be facing inwards . i use this method for action sports filming and works great and also protects the screen. (in your face GoPro Hero :D) gotta have a 1/4 inch in you bag though . a camera man's best friend
Unknown said…

here's a film i made using your method with a slight change and used thee iphone as a action sport camera like a GoPro .

it turned out quite good except the part the iphone flew of the grip lol survived though ill definitely use this method again .

check out the video comments much appreciated :D said…
I just got a Droid this Christmas and was given an Otter case, though it's different than yours in terms of construction. The camera is only 8MP, but I'd like to use it to film.

I really like this build, but I don't think it's going to work with my case. I was thinking of building something like a small A-clamp mounted to a suction cup or something along those lines. How do you feel about that? Any thoughts?
timelapserunner said…
Saw your post. Went straight to the hardware store and bought the parts. Drilled and rasped a whole in the Otterbox belt holder for my iPhone 5 ... and it worked ... will have to do a bit more with the hole to make it clean and symmetrical. But ... it works! Thanks so much.