Painter's Pole Mic Adapter

Having homemade rigs around for awhile means I get to revisit them and hopefully come up with improvements. This time out I was examining my DIY Boom Pole episode (as well as others out there) and came up with a unique variation. Instead of modifying an existing pole, how about a portable attachment that fits onto any painter's pole (and broom handle) threads that can also double as a pistol grip?

Paint roller (dollar store)
Microphone Clip:
5/8" to 3/8" adapter:
3/8" threaded rod (hardware store), 3-6" long

Optional Frugal Shockmount adapter
3/4" PVC coupler:
3/4" to 1/2" PVC bushing:

Drill with 1/4" & 5/16" drill bits
Two pairs of pliers
PVC cutters:
2x 3/8" nuts


Anonymous said…
Great tip Scott!
Will be checking local hardware store later this week to see if there's something similar to use (eh... kinda hard to get the exact same stuff in brazilian hardware stores... they have a far smaller selection of stuff)
Peter said…
Love your finds dude!
dtmp said…
Nice build! So much better than my clunky PVC thing I came up with! said…
Once again, you rule. Great build because of its versatility. I watched your "Black Friday at Dollar Tree" video yesterday and you mentioned this; I had to check it out. As usual, I wasn't disappointed.
Anonymous said…
Would a 3/8" crown bolt socket set screw work as an alternative to the threaded rod and two nuts?