Make a DIY Boom Pole

Time for another episode! This one concerns making a pole to hang our handy-dandy mic shockmount on. Originally I wasn't going to bother with this one, but viewers (and some local filmmakers) kept asking. Since it paid for itself--why not?

After making this video, I'm realizing that things are getting more complex. Not everyone is going to have a rotary tool or access to one. I have a Dremel my mom bought for me years ago and it has come in really handy since I started building inexpensive film gear. PVC stands no chance against a man with a rotary tool!

Anyway, if you can't afford a Dremel (the entry level wired model is around $40), consider the alternative from Harbor Freight Tools. They start at $10 and you will use the thing over and over and not just for filmmaking purposes. They are amazing.

Click on the big giant arrow!


James DeRuvo said…
Found an adjustable painting pole at Lowe's for about $8. Just ordered my mic clips on eBay!
Anonymous said…
I love it when a DIY guy has a band-aid on his finger... half way through after using a rotary tool.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for all of your tips,and diy tricks
daveanton said…
Hey! Nice work. How come the mount you hold up at the beginning and end do not look like the one you built?

Also, when you re-attach the bolt (with epoxy) do you trun it around so that the burred-end (although cleaned up) goes into the pole first (thus eliminating the 'cleaning up of the burrs after you saw off the head) ?