Tip: Better Camera Slider Balance

It seems that one problem with a lot of camera devices is that there is only one point of contact to attach your camera. This is fine in most cases, but what if you have a front-heavy camera, due to an adapted vintage lens? I have several of these made of metal and while I love the image they produce, their forward tilt can cause problems.

In the case of both my Itsy Bitsy Slider and the Glide Gear DEV-1000 (both made from the same basic parts), my front-heavy camera was pulling the slider carriage forward, causing the bearing to bind on the track. This makes for less than adequate shots, as the slider now has a "start and stop" effect that doesn't look so good.

With the carriage only having one mounting point, the addition of one little piece of kit will greatly help you smooth this problem out. Viewer Dustin Miller suggested I add a macro focus rail to the top of my slider carriage and attach the camera to the macro rail.

This allows me to move the camera back and forth to disperse the weight of the camera and lens in such a way that it is no longer front-heavy. With the slider carriage and bearings now sitting evenly on the track, I can return to smooth sliding shots, even with an unconventional lens choice.

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