Q&A: How do I control my camera up in the air?

Today we talk Zoom H1 audio quality, foley, controlling a camera at the end of a pole, frugal storage solutions, and the normal speed to slow motion effect.


Making a frugal short film, part 1: What is it?
Many mics, one location
Bescor 360 degree motorized pan/tilt head for cameras up to 6 lbs.
Motorized pan/tilt head for cameras up to .5 lbs


Anonymous said…
So glad you mentioned the MP-360 I bought one for these exact purposes about a month ago and I love it. I put it up on a jib and now have way more control over my jib shots (as well as new cam move possibilities). It really is a great frugal alternative to the far more expensive option of a camera man in a cherrypicker. It should be noted that the MP-360 is actually a modified product by a third party company on Amazon, and that there is a lack in quality control according to user comments; some are arriving broken or breaking quickly. The third party company also only offers a 90 day warranty so it's a good idea to use this thing as much as one can in that first three months in case it does break. Im only just passed the 30 day mark but mine has been doing fine, very happy with its performance.