Planting the Audience Seed

Every artist (with very rare exceptions) wants to show their work to the world. We filmmakers dream of having a large audience with our movies splashed across global screens. While getting theatrical distribution is still a very tough nut to crack, the worldwide audience is very much within reach of us all. But it has to start somewhere.

Audience building is critical to getting your work seen, and I submit that it should be just as important as any film you endeavor to make. After all, if you make an awesome film that no one knows about, will anyone care? If done right, not only will the results be beneficial, but exponential.

With the internet and social media tools at our disposal, the world is your oyster. Sure, you still need to put the full-time hours in to succeed, but success is possible and largely based on how well you market yourself and your work. What? You'd rather focus on filmmaking rather than marketing? To get people to watch your films, you'd better get busy at both.