My Director's Reel (Trailer?)

A few weeks ago I had a question on the Q&A show asking about how to create a better reel to show off your work. Sometimes called a "sizzle reel", this trailer-esque presentation puts all the best of your stuff into one quick and yummy snack.

I know that reels are not supposed to exceed three minutes, but mine came in way under that.  I feel like I have a decent amount of material, but also didn't want to overstay my welcome. As a result, the clips are very brief and the whole affair lasts just over a minute.

I also broke the tone up into two parts, drama and action. The first half has a somber piano for a soundtrack, while the back half is throbbing drums, with clips matched accordingly. I'm hoping this shows the range of what I can produce (though comedy isn't represented very well) and brings enough "sizzle" for those watching.