DIY: Remote Controlled "Recording" Light

If you're like me, you don't live alone. When I first started making these videos, it was almost exclusively at night when everyone was asleep. I never had to worry about anyone making noise that might spoil an audio recording. They were always out cold.

These days, I make more videos during the day which means I might have to compete with people talking in other rooms. Even when I tell them what I'm doing, they forget or get distracted and the volume level goes back up. This can be very frustrating when I need to record audio and just can't.

TV and radio stations all have lit signs that warn passers-by that a recording is taking place and to be quiet. Why not have the same system at home? Though a full-blown sign may be overkill (and an unnecessary expense), a simple red light can do the same job and cost a lot less.

I wasn't satisfied with just one red light, however. I wanted several of them placed in strategic locations around my home so everyone would know what I needed no matter which room they happened to be in. I also wanted a remote way to turn them on and off, so I could have full control of the warnings without having to leave my studio. Sounds expensive, right? Not at all.

There are remote switching modules available that plug right into any wall outlet, allowing you to toggle power to whatever is plugged into them. Plug a socket adapter into one of these and a red bulb into that, and you have an easy way to spread red light around your house, warning the inhabitants to shush when you are recording.

The video goes into a little more detail, but I think this is a very affordable way to let those you live with help you when you have to record that ever-important audio.

Remote controlled wall module(s) and remote (Amazon : eBay)
Light socket to plug adapter (Amazon : eBay)
Red LED light bulb (Amazon)
"On Air/Recording" signs (Amazon : eBay)