Review: $10 Camera Quick Release System

I'm always on the lookout for the perfect piece of DIY kit to help me in my quest to build the perfect camera rig. A large part of this is a quick release system which allows the fast removal and attachment of cameras, recorders, and other accessories to whatever rig I've constructed.

In the past I've covered the Sima Quickonnect and the Manfrotto 323 clone, even featuring both of them in their own head-to-head video. While I like both of these and continue to use them, they weren't without their faults. I go into this more in the video, but when I came across a newer generic model of quick release, I was intrigued.

In the end I wasn't that impressed (and can't see giving up the Sima or the Manfrotto clone), but I was glad I found something unique that actually addressed issues of my first two choices, even if it doesn't quite work for me.

Featured quick release system (eBay : Amazon)
Manfrotto 323 quick release clone (eBay : Amazon)
Sima Quickonnect (eBay)