Creating a Small Studio, Part 3 - Tabletop

If you're like me and you do any kind of videos about the making of anything, you've probably shot on a table, counter top, or desktop. There's been an evolution over the years concerning how I've done these shoots, but they have always had to involve setup and tear down. I longed for the day I didn't have to set up lights and a camera, and I could abandon the kitchen all together as a DIY location.

As I've mentioned in Part 1 (better sound) and Part 2 (lighting) of this series, having any kind of studio space can make you more efficient and allow your creativity to expand. Since I also do a lot of tabletop shooting, I also needed some kind of always-ready surface I could shoot my DIY builds on. Today's video covers how I do this.

I'm really happy with my "Laundry Room Studio". Sure, it may be small, but it addresses my needs of dedicated space with little to no setup needed for the majority of my online video work. I don't miss the kitchen one bit.

32" 5-in-1 collapsible reflector (Amazon : eBay)
11" articulating camera arm (Amazon : eBay)