Igus Responds to the Itsy Bitsy Camera Slider

Not too long ago, I posted a video about the Itsy Bitsy Slider, which took a free slider sample from Igus and made into a working camera slider. It was a very high quality sample which made for a great little slider, even with the very short travel distance. Afterwards, Igus was so swamped with free sample requests they asked me to take their link down, which I did out of courtesy.

Now Igus project manager Matt Mowry (who had contacted me about the link), has sent me a response video with a lot of great information (which I've posted above). If you have the Itsy Bitsy Slider or any slider that uses Igus parts, you owe it to yourself to check out this video. It has info I  never would have known had they not shared it.

This is video is also proof about the power of a cultivated audience. While I certainly don't get Itsy Bitsy Slider views on everything I post, when I hit the right topic, there are not only views, but viewer response. It's always interesting to see what happens when I post something that can be responded to and tracked. My Kickstarter campaign was an example of this, as was the reported 3,000 requests for the Igus free sample. It's influence that can't be denied and a testimony that your audience will not only respond (especially when there is something in it for them), but support. In fact, their response is a show of support.


Igus Quotation/Discount Code = D650625REV1
Call 1-800-521-2747
(Discounts only good in North America)

Guide Rail (This is the rail the Sleeve Sample is based upon)
1pcs WS-10-40S at 1000mm (39.4") Was $50.01, is now $40.00
1pc WS-10-40S at 500mm (19.7") Was $25 is now $20

Carriage Set (works on rails above)
WW-10-40-10 (100mm (4") long plate and 4 bearings) Was $40.35, is now $32.28ppc


BallardFamily said…
Thanks for posting this, good to see that they have been so gracious regarding the many requests. I requested two and will try to make a way for them to mount, solidly, end to end, doubling the length. We'll see how it works when I get them. I'm a traveling journalist and the idea of two short sliders that can make one longer one is appealing.
Scott Eggleston said…
You'll have to let me know how that works! I've seen a lot of people reporting on the Facebook Group about getting their samples, but after I posted this video, many commented that they have not. Here's hoping all the requests get fulfilled.
BallardFamily said…
I have not received mine yet either. Might put another order in. I'll let you know either way.
igus Inc. said…
Hi everyone! We are running behind about 6-8 weeks on mailing the DryLin samples, due to the overwhelming number of requests. We will be fulfilling all the requests we have gotten after the original "Itsy Bitsy Slider" post, so there's no need to re-submit any requests!

Just a quick FYI for you all; if you happen to place an order for a slider, instead of the sample sleeve request, your orders will be (in almost all cases) shipped within 48 hours!
June lopez said…
That is so awesome! I am happy Igus were nice enough to work with us and share their other products. Thank you Mr. frugal Fims. You're the best man..