How to set up FREE screen record in OBS

A few months back  I made a video about CamStudio, the free screen capture program that I was using for all my on-screen tutorial videos. Unfortunately, there was a virus attached to that program, as well as lots of complaints that it just didn't work very well.

Several people recommended I try Open Broadcaster Software as an alternative. I'm glad they did. OBS is also free, multi-platform, virus-free, and produces a smoother video result than I ever got with CamStudio. Ironically, I had to use CamStudio to show how to set up OBS from the ground up, but you can see the results of OBS by watching my previous Sony Vegas video, Track Motion Tricks.


Garyleon123 said…
Thank you for these instructions, really helpful!! I always create screencast with a web-based software calls Acethinker Online Screen Recorder, free and works fairly well. It is an online tool that lets you record your screen right from the browser. Share it here as an alternative to OBS.