Review: Glide Gear DEV-1000 Camera Slider

Camera sliders can be a great alternative to the old filmmaking standby: the dolly. When you don't need a long or complicated dolly shot, but just need gentle tracking across a wide shot, a camera slider is perfect.

The Glide Gear DEV-1000 is an entry level slider that runs just 23" across and will give you just enough length to get those shots and needs only one point of support (like a tripod). It's well-made, good-looking, compact, effective, and affordable. I go into more detail in the video (as well as show off some test footage), but I couldn't find much to complain about with the DEV-1000.

Like a lot of camera gear, a slider is a specialty item that you will probably only use occasionally. If you do need one, and want to class-up your video, this model is a good choice for small-to-medium camera setups.


Anonymous said…
Do you still use it?