Frugal Cage Lens Support

I really like adapting vintage lenses to my little Sony NEX 5n, but the longer the focal length gets, the heavier the lens. This is especially true with old glass that is completely surrounded by metal. I have a Minolta Celtic 135mm f/2.8 that I really like, but there's no way I can hang it on my small camera's lens mount when attached to the Frugal Cage.

I needed some kind of lens support, but without a rod-based camera rig (the Frugal Cage is flash bracket based), I wasn't sure what to do. Enter the 7" articulating "magic" arm. This gadgets have 1001 uses, but when attached to the forward bracket of the Frugal Cage, it can also act as a lens support. All you need to do is attach some hoop-side velcro to the provided nut and lock it into place.

Now the end of your heavy lens is supported and if it move forward or back while focusing, the lens barrel will easily slide along the velcro without getting scratched up. This trick also worked on my large Vivitar Series 1 zoom lenses, which means I will finally get to use them for some narrative shoots.