Review: Cheap Light Stand

If you want a decent, inexpensive light stand or want to upgrade from your PVC light stands, look no further. Here I detail my findings about a low-cost stand that will hold 1-2lb. lights and not collapse. It has a nice locking mechanism that serves its plastic collars well and even includes a 1/4-20 male thread on the end, so you can instantly mount any LED light or sound recorder or camera or whatever. It's a full-featured stand that will serve you well if you handle it with care.

Check the video for my full review.


Michael Cawelti said…
A great non-ebay source for inexpensive lighting and stands is: Steve Kaeser.
They are Chinese made items, but he has them in stock here in California. The shipping is quicker. I got a great set of small LED lights and stands for a excellent price. They have worked perfectly. I even found another company who makes barn doors that can be adapted to them.