CamStudio: Free Screen Recorder Software

Awhile ago when I wanted to do some instructional videos about Sony Vegas Pro, I went looking for a program that would allow me to record everything happening on my computer screen. Back then there was the very expensive Camtasia and the free CamStudio. Guess which one I picked?

The nicest thing about CamStudio is that it's free and fairly functional. I does let you record the screen (with periodic glitches) and gives you an .AVI file that will drop into any editing program provide you use the default codec. It does what supposed to do and I have used it for videos featuring Vegas Pro, as well as for shots of b-roll web surfing to help illustrate points in my video (like items on eBay).

CamStudio has its own website, but can also be found on Sourceforge, where you can all versions of the program and a support forum to help with questions.


Chad said…
I used to use Camstudio all the time for screencasts. I now prefer the much superior It is awesome and doesn't require the same amount of fuss that Camstudio does. The free version is serviceable, and the pro version is extremely cheap.