Painter's Pole 1/4-20" Tripod Adapter

There are all kinds of cool ways and places to mount cameras and accessories. Through the use of the universal 1/4-20" thread (most commonly seen on tripod quick release plates), there is a world of accessories out there and if you can't find one, you or someone else can probably make one.

Such is the case with that staple of DIY production, the painter's pole. Most commonly used as a boom pole, it can also be used to mount and extend any number of items. All you have to do is provide an adapter that gives you that magical mount. There are adapters you can buy (from Amazon and eBay), but making one can save you $10-15.

I have built an pole adapter in the past, but that one was made out of a paint roller and wasn't very elegant. This new model is a lot more compact, sturdy, has a larger surface mounting platform, and give you the added security of a set screw. Once attached to your pole, this thing will only come off when you want it to.

The best news it that this adapter will only cost you $3-5 depending on where you get your materials. Some tools are required, but nothing crazy and most you probably already have. Once you have everything, fabrication and assembly will take you less than thirty minutes.

Adapt away!

1/4-20" large, knurled nut from hot shoe flash adapter
Painter's Extension Pole
1/2" PVC slip plug
1/2" PVC slip coupler
1/4-20" screw, 1/4" long
1/4-20" screw (w/tapered head), 1/2" long
rubber washer with 1/4" hole (optional)

1/4" drill bit
11/32" drill bit
countersink or 1/2" drill bit

Shur-line 5-9' Extension Pole
Leatherman Wingman multi-tool