The Making of "Invader"

When I released my short film Invader a couple of weeks back, several people asked if I was going to produce a "Making of" episode. I've done this with all of my previous shorts, as I am still learning and will probably always be a student of this medium. I hope that by creating these mashups of commentary, behind the scenes, and technique descriptions, that you might glean something useful.

I've also created annotations within the video that will take you to the DIY gear (and how to build them) used to make this film. Enjoy!


Hello Scott,
I enjoyed your thesis film, but after seeing Invader, I must say it is extremely, professional looking. The irony is is that
you did this one primitively, while you had all the professional equipment on Collection Day. Three Thumbs Up!
Scott Eggleston said…
Thanks Jim! Another irony might be that I actually used a larger crew, minus Jarrod the DP (who was unavailable and off shooting his own thesis film) than I had on "Collection Day". Hopefully I can improve with each film and get to the point of a tried and true workflow that is effective enough to handle larger projects on small budgets.