Review: 7" HD Monitor with HDMI for $56

Deal Alert! I've been on the lookout for a cheap HD monitor for awhile now, but I was never able to find one cheaper than $100. One day I was surfing Amazon and stumbled across an amazing deal. I found a 7" high definition monitor made for in-car entertainment systems for a crazy low $56! Happily shocked, I posted the deal to the Facebook group and bought one for myself. At the very least, it would make for a good review segment. At the most, it would be a great find and a great replacement for my old standard definition monitor that was no longer compatible with my current camera.

I'm happy to report that this unit is a great little production monitor.  Sure, it doesn't come with an HDMI cable or battery options, but who cares at such a low price. I address both of these shortcomings in the video and show how I've mounted the monitor on the Frugal Cage. It really is a great deal, possibly the best one I've seen since running this blog.

If you need on of these, this is a great time to nab one. I was worried that this review would be pointless to a discontinued product, but was thrilled when more stock came in at the same price. Here's hoping this monitor stays around so lots of folks on a frugal budget can take advantage.

7" HD Monitor w/HDMI input (black mahogany)
7" HD Monitor w/HDMI input (brushed gray)
7" HD Monitor w/HDMI input, power supply & HDMI cable (black mahogany)
7" HD Monitor w/HDMI input, power supply & HDMI cable (brushed gray)

90 degree down right angle mini male HDMI to female HDMI adapter
90 degree right angle mini HDMI male to female HDMI adapter
male HDMI to male HDMI coupler
9" mini HDMI male to mini male HDMI cable

Sony F970 battery
Sony F550 battery

Sony F970 F550 battery cradle
Sony F970 F550 battery charger

"Black Brick" 12v battery w/charger

Spring loaded cell phone mount with 1/4-20" threads
2x male to male 1/4" thread adapter

The Frugal Cage
Review of the Fotodiox 7" Power Arm
Review of the Fotodiox 96 LED light


Chuck Willford said…
I wondered why/how the 12V monitor worked with a 7.6V battery????????

Are you getting full operation and brightness?
Anonymous said…
My guess would be that the insides of the monitor work at 5v or less, supplied by a voltage regulator of some variety. The design external supply voltage of 12 is probably only because the intended usage is in vehicles.

- Mike -