Frugal Camera Cage

Camera cages are really cool. They surround your camera and offer all kinds of 1/4-20 mounting points (that's the standard thread size found on the bottom of your camera) for all those accessories you've acquired. The cheapest one I could fine online was around $50, but when looking back at The Frugal Stabilizer II and how "cagey" it was, I determined I could slightly reconfigure it as a cage and save some money.

The Frugal Cage is the exact same design as easy-to-build Frugal Stabilizer II with only a few additions to make it more useful (watch that video to learn how to make it). Essentially three L-shaped flash brackets assembled in a cage formation, the Frugal Cage can mount easily to a tripod and give you both male and female threads in which to mount your gear. These could be monitors, LED lights, battery options and more. I've been tinkering with this idea for awhile and if you stay past the end credits of the video, you'll get a sneak peek of what's possible, even without rails.

This is going to be my go-to rig for narrative filmmaking with my Sony NEX 5n. While I went more of a "Hollywood" route when I made my thesis film (renting a really nice camera, for example), this rig will return me back to my micro budget roots as I create stories for my channel using my much more modest 5n and frugal equipment.

DSLR aluminum camera cage
eBay : Amazon

Watch "Frugal Stabilizer II"

Dual L-shaped flash brackets
eBay : Amazon

Plastic knob with 1/4" metal male and female threads

Watch Chung Dha's video "DIY Cage from camera accessories"

Frugal cage top handle
Foam camera grip, mini ball head, knurled nut

Metal camera quick release plate system
eBay : Amazon

Hot/cold shoe mount with tripod thread
eBay : Amazon