Tip: Checking On Set Power Outlets

When you show up to a location (or are investigating one), one of the first things you will look for are power outlets. In most modern locations you will never wonder if those outlets are active, but in older or questionable ones you may need to test those outlets to see if they have power or not. This will save you time during setup (especially if you have to go get a generator), as you don't want to get everything plugged in only to find that half or all of it doesn't work.

Something else to consider is the electrical integrity of those outlets. If they are wired wrong (again, only a problem in questionably maintained locations) you can risk damaging whatever equipment you need to power. Both situations can be solved by using a circuit tester which will not only tell you if there is juice there, but also if the circuit is wired correctly. These very handy units don't cost much (I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $5), are very compact, and can save you time as well as money. Get one!

The long and the short (and cheap) of checking available power outlets on location.