The Making of "Collection Day": Day 9

With the shoot winding down, we spend yet another day in the vacant home (provided by the very kind person seen in the video). If it seems like half of my shoot took place in this house, that's because it did! One more day and principal is/was over. I wonder if that rain outside will cause any problems on the final day...

Watching this video seems a bit misleading. It appears as if my set is just one big party! The actual shooting of a film can, for me, be one of the most rewarding phases of production. I always strive to make the set a very friendly, creative space that we can all enjoy. No matter what the stress level, I always want a good experience for all, so they might want to work for me again someday. Collection Day was a very enjoyable shoot.

Gloria (Julie Atkins) looks worried when two Collection Agents enter her home.